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Our team focuses on giving you peace of mind by overseeing all of your digital services online. From creative, advertising, and marketing, take a look at some plans below, or contact us to have one tailored to fit your needs.

Online Advertising / Branding Budget

Part of your plan includes paid advertising on the platforms you choose. If you need help choosing which platforms will work best, just contact us and we can explain the benefits of each.

Social Media Content Posting

Status updates and links to your website content posted across all social media platforms to help grow your network.


Monthly PDF containing stats for your social media presence, website functionality, search engine rankings and more.

Local SEO

We’ll help your company climb to the top of organic search engine results pages for local keywords to have a long-lasting impact on your website.

Retargeting Advertisements

On top of the money in your package that is allocated to advertisements, we also spend money on Retargeting Ads, which are specifically targeted towards people who have been on your website or shown interest in your company. Retargeting ads are the most effective.

Social Media Inquiry / Response Management

Once your online marketing starts to take off, you’ll notice you’re getting a lot more inquires on social media. We’ll respond to these potential clients and convert them into leads for you.

Website Maintenance Solutions

We’ll comb through your website and make any small tweaks that we feel can greatly impact your quantity or quality of leads and new business.

Website Audit

We’ll build an in depth report that shows the strengths and weaknesses of your website.

Website Analysis

Want to know why you’re not getting leads from your website? We’ll take a look and report anything we think can be improved.

Live Monthly Performance Audit

Rather than send you a chart, PDF or graph, we’ll go live with you either via phone or live video to go over your companies performance under your Adova Media plan.

Get Started With Adova Media right now.

Getting started with Adova Media agency is simple and requires minimal effort on your end. Let us do the work for you. Contact us and let us show you how we can help.


Get more leads, get more clients, and start boosting sales for your business. Don’t have a business presence? Let us help set that up for you.

Alex Fuller | Adova Media Co-Founder

Internet Marketing Isn’t For Everyone. Let Us Help!

    Meet Our Team

    Alex Fuller

    Partner at Adova

    – Website Strategy
    – Brand Creation
    – UX/ Designer
    – Ad Targeting Specialist

    McCoy Hawkins

    Partner at Adova

    – Ad Targeting & Re-targeting
    – Ad Creative & Placement
    – Lead Generation
    – Analytical Report Guru

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